Paul Woodhead is organising a community speed watch scheme for Hednesford and to raise awareness and understanding of what is involved a public meeting has been organised for Wednesday 14th April at St Joseph’s Primary School, Hill Top, Hednesford starting at 6:15pm.

Community Speed Watch is a voluntary scheme and initiative whereby local residents can help make a difference in their community by helping to reduce the speed that motorists travel through their village or town.

The scheme in Hednesford will initially focus on the areas around St Joseph’s including Hill Street, East Cannock Road, Lower Road and Stagborough Way where residents have raised safety concerns for many years without resolution.

The evening will be led by the Community Speed Watch co-ordinator discussing how to set up a group and what is expected of the volunteers. Part of this discussion would include how as the Partnership we look after our volunteers and the steps we have in place for their welfare. I would also bring along equipment and additional reading material such as the ‘Golden Rules’ for the group to follow and look through.

This is one in a series of measures to address speeding and inconsiderate parking in our local area and we hope it will make a real difference to improve safety on our roads before someone gets seriously hurt or killed

The meeting is an open to all local residents to build awareness and understanding of the scheme and how it will help our community. For Housekeeping purposes I just ask that people contact me by email or phone to confirm attendance.

This is just the start of the process and we hope to gather a number of volunteers who can spare an hour or so per month. I am grateful that this session will be led by a Community Speedwatch Co-ordinator and the support of St Joseph’s to host the meeting

To contact Paul, call or text 07930 120077 or email

For more information circulated to residents and published for further reading

Just For Your Information Community Speed Watch

CSW Poster CSW leaflet for new volunteers 2016

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We are encouraged that a Speed Indicator Device has been placed at Hill Top adjacent to St Joseph’s today 25th March 2016