In a matter of days, the government has to make a choice that could affect hundreds, if not, thousands of lives. However, these lives have been deemed less significant by Mr David Cameron, as they only belong to the wildlife of England’s countryside. This week, the UK hunting act is to be reviewed, possibly resulting in the lifting of fox hunting as a whole. On Wednesday, following just a 90 minute debate, MPs will get a free vote upon the hunting act repeal which would mean relaxing measures that would weaken the hunting ban with the inevitable view to scrapping it altogether.

The hunting of “pests” by dog packs may also be considered in order to “flush out” problematic wildlife in areas where pest control is required, a relaxation of the law which many believe is an underhand trick to render the law toothless and impossible to enforce. Who exactly decides or polices what constitutes as a “pest” and how this would be managed is not clear. Nor is it mentioned how packs of dogs would know how to distinguish between “flushing out” and “ripping apart.” It all wreaks of the implication of back hand deals and inner-circle organisation to ruin a decade-old law in the name of “heritage”.

Forgive the brutal comparison but how dare anyone that openly condemned the barbarism of the Chinese Yulin Festival that saw thousands of dogs killed for human tradition, then scheme to bring back the English practice of tearing apart foxes for sport.

But it is not too late for you to do something.

There are numerous Online Petitions you can sign to help show the government that this is an issue that needs to be decided on as a nation, not after a 90 minute discussion by a gang of cronies. The more Petitions that are shoved under Mr Cameron’s nose, the better, so keep your eyes open for more.

As well as numerous viral online petitions taking the issue worldwide across the internet, the most prominent campaign on a local level is championed by animal-friendly cosmetic company Lush. Lush cosmetics have long encouraged the ban on fox hunting. In past support of HSA (Hunt Saboteurs Association), Lush staff dressed as foxes with tails and ears and shop windows proclaimed ‘The Hunts Are Still At It’, using their influence as a business to take political stance . Now in 2015, again, Lush is not backing down. Shops up and down the country are handing out “postcard petitions.” Lush are accumulating the cards and posting them on your behalf so all that is required of you is to write your name and address. It’s a simple action that could make Mr Cameron pay attention to the voice of the nation. Campaigns will continue even after Wednesday, as all efforts could make a difference in the long run.

Lush Hunt Ban

David Bowles, the assistant director for public affairs, said: “The RSPCA believes any attempts to weaken the Act would not only give the green light to resuming hunting of foxes, and other animals, by dogs but would also be a backward step for modern society. This is a sentiment shared by many, not just Lush cosmetics; so many in fact, that there is a peaceful protest organised by animal protection group PETA to walk upon Westminster on Wednesday Morning at 10:30am. Details of the march are given HERE.

Support campaigners like Lush Cosmetics in their fights against a barbaric bloodsport that has no place in 2015