An innovative approach to highlighting the blight of litter on our communities was well supported by local residents. Combining the latest craze to hunt Pokémon with the civic need to clear our streets of litter got several residents across the ages touring the streets in Hednesford whilst capturing the fictional creatures on the litter safari.

Sunday afternoon in Hednesford was the scene of Cannock Chase Green Party activists working with local residents to clear the streets of litter whilst the younger supporters also hunted the Pokémon creatures in between.

Litter collected varied from the routine including cigarette ends and beer cans through to the unusual including an eye patch. But most was more adult generated in nature than the common misconception of youth generated waste.

My reflections on the litter safari

“Whilst days like today make a real impact in support of the sterling work provided week-in, week-out by council workers the amount of our council tax money which could be spent on services to improve the environment locally rather than picking other people’s rubbish is considerable

“This is why we need a litter task force to challenge the behaviours which generate this rubbish and waste our council taxes on a service which is needed rather than wanted. If our community used the bins provided or took their rubbish home to show some pride in the area we could do so much more with our council tax. Cuts have consequences and the detrimental impact on our communities will be felt unless we work smarter as well as harder.”

Helping with the litter pick in between capturing his Pokémon 6-year-old Cole Parton commented

“People are stupid dropping this rubbish, right next to the bins too.”

Ruth Davies, who came with her family, commented

“Although it’s so positive to see people wanting to make a difference in our town, it’s a shame that this has become necessary. It’s particularly disappointing to see so much litter around the benches of the square and the station when there are litter bins at hand.”

Thank you to Cannock Chase District Council for the loan of equipment and the disposal of the collated waste.

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