The Hednesford Community Speedwatch has been in operation for its first month with four deployments at different times on various streets in and around the town and the scale of the endemic speeding culture with 108 vehicles observed over the speed limit with the highest recorded speed at 64mph in these 30mph areas.


Community Speedwatch is established across the County for volunteers to assist with the reinforcement of the road safety message across communities for motorists to remain within the speed limit. The Hednesford scheme was established earlier in the year and following training of volunteers became active in November.


The volunteers have been out this month on four occasions in different locations Lower Road, Rawnsley Road, Rugeley Road and Station Road during both week days and weekends and varying times of the day. These observations have shown the scale of vehicles travelling significantly over the speed limit in local residential areas.

Paul Woodhead, Green Party Councillor for Hednesford South commented;


“We have recorded over 1500 vehicles in four sessions observing over 100 motorists going over the speed limit and even a couple travelling over twice the limit along residential streets, there is a time and a place for different speeds but there can be no excuse for these kind of speeds. Even those we recorded as travelling within the speed limit a high number had clearly modified their driving speed from seeing us. On a positive note we did not see the prevalence of mobile phone use by drivers as was feared, but we will continue to monitor this.


“One of the concerns we all expressed when we put our names forward was being in receipt of abuse from the passing motorists and I have pleasantly surprised that, whilst we have had one or two hand signals expressing their displeasure, there is huge support to slow motorists down to travel within the speed limit.


“Myself and the other volunteers are grateful for the support of a majority of the community with cups of tea and words of encouragement and thanks. We are always open to more volunteers and our next training session will be in January and ask people to get in touch to help ensure we can increase our presence in local areas more often.”


If you can help improve road safety in these areas in and around Hednesford please contact Paul Woodhead in the first instance on or by phone on 07930 120077


Table of deployments

Location Number Over Limit Date Time
Lower Road 169 8 06/11/2016 1100 – 1230
Rawnsley Road 728 64 17/11/2016 0800 – 0930
Rugeley Road 268 18 23/11/2016 1000 – 1100
Station Road 346 18 27/11/2016 0830 – 1000

One other deployment was cancelled for safety reasons due to frosty/icy roads