Last week has been a busy week to highlight the damage that Tory policies are doing to the lives of everyone in Cannock Chase. But why do we protest and does it do any good.

The short answer is Yes it is effective.

For a democracy to function at its best it is vital that vocal opposition is given to highlight causes and injustice, to promote a different point of view and challenge the decisions being made by those we elect. This does not, however, replace direct community engagement and the Cannock Chase Green Party is active across the pantheon of action and working in many aspects of policy which affect the lives of us all.

Your local Green Party has been active in working for Cannock Chase to highlight the impact that austerity economics has on every aspect of our lives. We believe it is flawed ideology being used to privatise our public services and we see this played out across Staffordshire as well as the national policies.

In Staffordshire we see this with the privatisation of our school support services, roads and buildings as well as the ongoing threat to our Countryside. This is why we protest and whilst some of the national events promote national messages it is the local impact we focus upon and we see this when knocking doors and speaking to neighbours about the very real concerns of the lack of repairs to our roads, the lack of resources to deal with anti-social behaviour and the lack of funds to deliver equitable health services.

Highlighting the impact of austerity is not about refusing to challenge the efficiency and effectiveness of public spending, it is about creating an equitable approach to taxation and spending and ensuring the super-rich individuals and corporations pay their fair share.

With our campaining locally and nationally we have had a positive impact on deterring the Council from selling off our Green Spaces, we have highlighted the plight of the most vulnerable in our society and helped engage more neighbours in the political process, as the future is determined by those who turn up.

Fundamentally our goal is to encourage greater engagement on issues local or national from which a greater cross section of opinion will deliver a more informed decision process where your opinion matters


Knocking doors and talking to neighbours about their concerns – all year round


Manchester march outside the Conservative Conference


Part of the Green Block in Manchester

IDS Visit

Highlighting the impact of cuts to the disabled when IDS visited Cannock


Save our Countryside walk with friends across the political divide