Steve and Dawn Tuck are delighted with the extensive drain works which have just been completed in front of their house to prevent flooding which has blighted their lives the last five years.

The first serious flood was in 2012 and since then their house has flooded about fifteen times due to poor drainage on the main road. After spending nearly £6,000 of their own money on drive improvements, permeable block paving, extra drains and even a flood barrier they were left devastated when after yet another heavy downpour they flooded again.

Steve and Dawn first met Green Party County Councillor candidate Stuart Crabtree last September and explained how “We’d sent countless emails and spoke to lots of people at Highways but no-one seemed to realise how serious our problem was, and we were worried that money is so tight due to all the cutbacks that they’d never have the resources to help us”.

Stuart and Paul Woodhead Green Party Councillor for Hednesford South took up their plight communicating with the county highways department showing photographs of the flooding in Steve and Dawn’s house. The County highways team responded with a visit and from fully understanding the situation and the personal investment made by Steve and Dawn committed to make changes to protect their property. Major drainage improvement works have just been completed and Paul is thrilled with the result.

“I’d noticed the workmen were busy for 7 days installing three extra drains in the road, a huge drain in front of Steve and Dawn’s drive and even a raised bump to funnel the water into the drain. This is significant work and really satisfying to see the impact active local councillors can have for residents and I really hope they never have to suffer another flood again.”

Green Party Deputy Leader, Amelia Womack, visited the site on Littleworth Road and having spent some time speaking with Steve and dawn commented

“Flash flooding is a real problem for people all over the country. We really need to invest in improved drainage in roads and better education about the problems of tarmacked drives and surfaces which do not allow adequate drainage through them. It’s great to see the impressive work and how relieved Steve and Dawn are. They are even waiting for the next downpour so they can see their new drains in action.”

Stuart added “I’m so pleased to see Dawn smiling again now, she’s been close to tears when I’ve visited in the past and no resident should feel so desperate about flooding and go through the damage and destruction they’ve endured the past five years. We are very pleased with the final result and that we’ve been able to help them.”