This is something I raised with the council and the local media some months ago that really irritates me – probably more than it merits.

Over the last year or so our Council have errected new signs for many of our areas, towns and villages and these look fresh and new as you would expect. They have been placed to replace many of the decade old signs to welcome visitors of all types to, and through, our beautiful district.

new sign

New Welcome to Hednesford sign already a mile into town

old sign

Old sign at the correct boundary to Welcome to Hednesford

However the one placed which makes me grind my teeth on the way past everyday is the “Welcome to Hednesford” sign newly placed on Hill Street next to St Jospeh’s Primary School. Hednesford starts a mile and two roundabouts sooner along Hill Street where the existing sign is still sited. Also bear in mind that this was incorrectly placed once already further along Uxbridge Street opposite Our Lady of Lourdes Church, realised this was wrong, took it down and replaced at the current location.

The sign now does not welcome people until they have passed the Hednesford Town FC Keys Park, the Cross Keys public house and Kingsmead School. It is ridiculous the council should know where the boundary of our town is and sign post it accordingly. They have managed this for all the other signs. Maybe it is the expansive privatisation of our public services as Amey manage these sort of things on behalf of the council – maybe they do not know where we live!

I did consider taking some tools up the road and dismantling it and moving it manually, however I would expect that to be considered vandalism and thought it ill-advised.

Our current councillors don’t appear animated to do anything, but I will try.

I am resolved to mounting a daily twitter campaign to get this changed – let’s see how we get on.

What do you think? Is it important? Should the council being these tasks directly?