Residents of Rawnsley, Prospect Village, Hazel Slade and Cannock Wood are invited to a public event to consider adopting a woodland covered by Staffordshire County Council’s Countryside Estate review.


Following on from the successful campaign to prevent the sale or privatisation of the Countryside Estate the next stage of the review was launched late in 2016 to invite interested parties to come forward with options and ideas to support the community management of the eighteen areas across the County.


One such area where the preference is for some type of community engagement is the Sevens Road Woodland on the road out of Prospect Village, Rawnsley. A little used piece of land with great potential as a community asset.


Countryside campaigners Paul Woodhead and Stuart Crabtree has organised a public event to invite the communities to consider forming a group to adopt the woodland as a community asset.


The event is planned for Monday 6th February from 5:30pm at Prospect Village Hall where the community will receive presentations from a range of guest speakers from Staffordshire County Council Countryside Estate and Ranger Service as well as Hednesford in Partnership and Support Staffordshire. Each will help to demonstrate to the community how this dream can be achieved through bringing together community activism and the support of the partner organisations.

Paul Woodhead, Green Party Councillor for Hednesford South commented;

“After campaigning to Save the Countryside as Ours to Enjoy not Theirs for Profit it is important that the community can now engage with an opportunity to keep and enjoy a valuable woodland as a community asset so we do not lose it for future generations.”


Countryside campaigner, Stuart Crabtree added

“One of the key messages coming out from our recent survey of residents was a need to re-establish the local identity and recognise its proud heritage this is a great opportunity to do just that”


Everyone from the local community is welcome and if you want further details please contact either Paul 07930 120077 or Stuart 07528 885322