Don’t see this just as an online newsletter, although we aim to achieve that as well, but the function of this website is to share the opinions and stories that newspapers perhaps wouldn’t publish or would overlook. Chase issues strives to seek the stories relevant to you, whoever you are and whatever your beliefs.

Whether you have a concern about Cannock and its surrounding areas on a regional level -perhaps about traffic problems,  local businesses or council queries- or a bone to pick with  top levels of government and the direction of our country as a whole, don’t just wallow and grumble. The importance of debate and sharing ideas, knowledge and opinions can not be overstated.

This is an all inclusive community portal, created so that the people of Cannock and surrounding areas can air their concerns and hopefully get them investigated further by the powers that be, or at least comment on and/or shed light upon the matters raised.

Send in your issues and we will editorially check for suitability and publish articles for expansion. We welcome comment from all areas of the political spectrum – as long as its informed comment and question designed for the benefit of the Cannock community and infrastructure.