Further to my response to the first round of consultation responses I note these additional comments to the changes suggestions to augment my previous comments.

I still remain of the opinion that the solutions explored and recommended lack imagination or innovation to the crisis faced in local government finances. Further the cabinet and all councillor colleagues have a responsibility to lead the fight against the attack on the service cuts we are forced to endure rather than excuse them in asinine strategies and pronouncements which make the public the scapegoats of tory austerity.

In addition to resisting the imposed cuts the council has a duty to explore alternate revenue sources and approaches to income as opposed to focusing just on expenditure

The conversation around CCTV appears to be a public negotiation with the OPCC to fund this rather than a genuine option in the first place and if that is the case it is disappointing that fear and public safety is being used as a bargaining tool when we need strategic solutions.

I remain disappointed that the budget choices focus on things rather than people as solutions to cut jobs and livelihoods are favoured over floral displays etc. although I would have thought that would have been linked to the income received from island sponsorship schemes.

The explanation of the contract changes to Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles is still very vague and does not detail sufficiently the impacts of the revised models and the additional costs regarding Bradbury Lane. Cutting arts funding is a worry.

The retention of the removal of computer allowances demonstrates that the council is trapped in the 20th century regarding members activities and should be encouraging the use of online resources and removing the copious copying of papers, minutes and agendas. We should be facilitating a 21st century approach to council business. Further it would be courteous for members to be allowed to understand the new proposed scrutiny before including in the second consultation.