As a keen dog walking family proudly owned by a greyhound, we enjoy the walks over Hednesford Hills, Cannock Chase, Pye Green Valley, Hednesford Park and around our town. My wife met another greyhound-walking couple over the weekend and both reflected upon an increasing trend which is potentially harming the nation’s favourite pet on routine exercise walks – broken glass.

This appears to be of increasing prevalence on our pavements and a menace to dog walking in particular. This seems to be more than the occasional broken bottle and plays havoc with the safety of our dogs, not to mention the potential vets’ bills.

Who breaks them? and how can we prevent it? is quickly followed by questions about how is it cleared? and who’s responsibility is it?

What is your view?

How much does the council do? How much can it do? How much should it do?

Earlier this year we met a fantastic lady who spends a little time each week clearing the green space alongside the Pye Green Valley “road to nowhere” of litter, should we be doing more of this ourselves? The Heart of Hednesford Restoration Project certainly thinks so with volunteers meeting for a couple of hours the first Sunday of each month to restore some pride in our communal areas.

Maybe it’s a little naive but wouldn’t it be that much better if we all had a little more consideration for our area and pick up that broken bottle when we break it, not throw cigarette ends out of car windows and take our litter home at the end of a day out?

A little effort by a lot of people makes a huge difference, also please save our dog’s paws!