Around the Community

Pitmen supporter and HTFCSA committee member Paul Woodhead plays a big part in promoting the club throughout the community. He is also involved in various local groups, organisations and associations that would affect a number of supporters. Here, in a recurring article for the programme, he brings us up-to-date with news from around the area.

As part of a series of features to raise awareness of groups working in our community, we look at the Staffordshire Badger Conservation Group

Promoting an important element of nature conservation in the County

Staffordshire Badger Conservation Group was formed in 1986 by a small group of people who were initially involved in providing evidence of Badger persecution.

They work closely with the general public, the police, the RSPCA, landowners, local councils and developers to protect Staffordshire Badgers.

Based at the Worsley Centre they provide many services including monitoring and reporting on actual and potential incidents of badger persecution as well as rescuing injured badgers or orphaned cubs and oversee their rehabilitation and subsequent release to an appropriate environment. They record all known badger setts in Staffordshire for information on badger distribution and activity and monitor planning applications for new developments which may affect established badger populations and their environment whilst monitoring and advising on badger protection where there is likely to be major disturbance to badger setts during excavation for essential maintenance work e.g. railway embankments, roadworks etc. The work can also encompass advice and assistance to residents with problems with badgers in their gardens and promoting awareness through the production of a tri-yearly newsletter, attending community events to provide information on badgers and to publicise the work of the group and giving informative, illustrated talks to groups.

Their email address is