Around the Community

Pitmen supporter and HTFCSA committee member Paul Woodhead plays a big part in promoting the club throughout the community. He is also involved in various local groups, organisations and associations that would affect a number of supporters. Here, in a recurring article for the programme, he brings us up-to-date with news from around the area.

As part of a series of features to raise awareness of groups working in our community, we look at the Staffordshire Governance Forum

Would you like to be a School Governor?

School governors are the largest volunteer force in our community with over 4,000 across the County helping improve the education and life chances of our young people from 3 to 18. Each school and academy has a group of governors drawn from across the community to work with Headteachers, Principals and Senior Leaders to drive the standards of school improvement ever higher. This said school governors do not manage the school, the role is strictly a strategic one where they have only three duties

  1. Set the strategic vision for the school
  2. Hold the school leadership to account for delivery of the strategic vision, and
  3. Ensure the financial probity of the school

Although there is an increased expectation on the role of governors everyone involved reports a rewarding and mutually beneficial experience. Becoming a governor is now much more linked to the skills and contribution you can make rather than being a stakeholder to the school like a parent or staff member. Indeed governing boards are tasked to ensure they have a broad range of skills to deliver their core functions.

The Staffordshire Governance Forum is a support and networking forum for governors by governors to encourage the sharing of experience and best practice. This is achieved through district meetings in each other’s schools, the use of online resources including a website and Twitter where there is a discussion forum and portal for sharing documents.

If you would like to find out more about the role and how you can become involved with education in our community one way is to make a call in to your local school and speak with the Headteacher/Principal. Alternatively find out more through the Staffordshire Governance Forum or to access opportunities across the region a dedicated free website has been established by the government known as School Governors One Stop Shop.