Around the Community

Pitmen supporter and HTFCSA committee member Paul Woodhead plays a big part in promoting the club throughout the community. He is also involved in various local groups, organisations and associations that would affect a number of supporters. Here, in a recurring article for the programme, he brings us up-to-date with news from around the area.

As part of a series of features to raise awareness of groups working in our community, we look at the Staffordshire Police Cadets

Community engagement for our young people with Staffordshire police

The police cadet’s scheme for Staffordshire is about encouraging young people to develop new skills and self-confidence in the service of our communities. It aims to boost links between the police and young people and promote good citizenship. It isn’t about recruiting police officers – it’s about developing young people and making a difference to communities.

There are two different police cadet schemes for different age groups. Fourteen to seventeen year-old boys and girls can join the senior cadets and there’s a junior scheme for eight to ten year-olds.

Cadets will take part in lots of different activities and learn more about what it’s like to work for Staffordshire Police. Cadets get to wear their own police cadet uniform and work with members of Staffordshire Police to help keep communities safe and reassured. This could mean giving out safety advice to local people or helping the police to find out about their concerns. Cadets also learn more about how the police catch crooks, about the gadgets and equipment the police use to fight crime and have a go at operational personal safety training.

On top of this cadets will work towards a BTEC qualification and a Young Leaders in Service award.

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